Something on the side…

Along with all the changes that I’ve made, I now do a little something on the side.  I sell AdvoCare.  Now before you leave this page completely, let me tell you why.

I’m addicted to Spark.

There, I said it.  What is Spark?  It’s a caffeinated drink mix that has a ton of vitamins and minerals.  It comes in a few different flavors like green apple, grape, fruit bunch, etc.  My favorite is fruit punch, btw.  But, it’s more than just a drink mix.  It has made my hair grow like crazy and it’s given me stronger nails.  Basically, it helps me fill in the gaps that my multivitamin was leaving and it gives me energy.

So, in order to save myself some money, I became an AdvoCare distributor to gain the discount.  That’s one of the best things that I’ve done for myself and my health.  I not only save myself money but I also am able to gain access to some great products, which I’ll go into in another post.  But, I will say that aside from the Spark, the Performance Elite products have helped me greatly with my half marathon training.  Again, I’ll go more into all this a little bit later, but if you’re interested in knowing more now, then let me know and we’ll talk!


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