It’s Christmas Time!

“Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and shall bear a son, and call his name Immanuel.”  – Isaiah 7:14


Something that has happened since the divorce is that I’ve devoted more time to studying the Bible.  I used to DVR Joyce Meyers and watch a few of those at a time, taking notes.  But right now, I’m reading a Bible study by Beth Moore called Breaking Free. Also, I’m doing a few Bible verses each day in December (today being the first day) and the above one is the first verse of today’s assignment.  I thought that was pretty fitting.  🙂

So, in case you didn’t know, I didn’t grow up in a home that went to church.  My mom was an atheist (she has since found God) and my dad was a believer who was raised in church, but who had a hard life and who also didn’t want to go against my mother more than he already had to.  So, the very first time I remember going to church, I went with my cousin (I had spent the night at her house) and only stayed a few minutes….because I had an allergic reaction and had to leave.  Btw, the allergic reaction was to strawberry fruit roll-ups, not church. lol

When my parents divorced and my dad remarried, his wife took her kids to church each Sunday and Wednesday.  So, that’s when I began going.  I got my first Bible from a tv commercial – I called and they sent me a Bible. Then, when I was 16 I was baptized.  That same night, my mother grounded me because of said baptism.  She said I wasn’t baptized by a Godly man – she didn’t like the preacher.  So, I was grounded.

Anywho, all of that to say, I wasn’t brought up in the normal Christian household and it’s something that I struggle with to this day.  I don’t know the normal stories that you’re told in Sunday school growing up (think Jonah and the whale…I’m hoping it’s Jonah at least).  With the ex, I felt uncomfortable admitting that and reading my Bible in front of him.  But, with the SO (that’s what I’m calling him right now) that’s all changed.  He grew up going to a private Christian school and he wants me to get comfortable with my Christianity.

So, all of that to say, Christmas is going to be more meaningful this year, as I dig deeper and deeper into the Bible and learn more and more.  I hope that Christmas is that way for you, too.


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