A Goal Accomplished

First off, I’m writing this from my phone, so please forgive me if it’s wonky.

When I divorced, I knew that I couldn’t stay in the house because the mortgage was more than I could handle.  So, we sold the house.  I moved in to a 900sq ft apartment and it was an adjustment, but not terrible.  I made myself a promise right then.  I would buy a house all on my own and something that I could afford on my own (with God, of course).  I saved up and a year and a half later, I bought my first house ALL on my own!!!!


My SO and I moved in about two months ago and it’s been really nice.  We are about twenty minutes from work and they just started building on our street.  The house sits on almost an acre, so we have plenty of yard space, too.  And yes, the SO was okay with being left off of the loan, because he knew it was my goal and he understood what it meant to me. 
Here we are the day we did the last walk through and saw the SOLD sign.



One thought on “A Goal Accomplished

  1. Good for you! After my divorce, I had the same desire to do something to kind of assert myself as an individual. Thankfully, I already owned my house (along with my parents, and my ex wasn’t on the deed/loan), so I got a dog, lol. I just wanted something that no man could take from me and she’s been my side-kick ever since. Congratulations!


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